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Dev Hynes of "Blood Orange" has been on a sublime rise for the past several years. Since his indefinite hiatus and departure from "Lightspeed Champion", Hynes began working on this most recent project back in 2009. With some early scattered shows in his native London as well as his adopted home, New York City, Hynes began to gather plenty of nods from the musical community which has since then culminated in the widely acclaimed release of Cupid Deluxe in 2013. 

The results since then have been an ever-adaptable and refined sound much akin to what I like to call our generation's "Prince"... if you'd feel comfortable with that comparison. His innate aesthetic, both musically and fashion wise (much like our 80's hero), comes across definitively in the track titled "Uncle Ace". When coupling his sublimely delivered and highly romanticized lyrics with his funk driven riffs, it is easy to see why so many people find themselves drawn to his music. You just can't help but find yourself cooing along with him: "I'm everything you need- Put all you need in me".

The photo I have elected for this post perhaps echoes less the sentiment behind this track as much as the photographer himself. Enter the world of Yoav Friedlander. His keen eye and militant precision (probably in part due to the few years he served in the Israeli army) are both visible in the elegant frames he sets up with the help of his camera. Friedlander's works clearly echo an ethereal yet familiar scene like that of a dream we cannot shake from our consciousness. The photographer himself describes his craft in a unique way:

"What exists is different from how it is mapped in a photograph. Photography at times diffused itself so well into consciousness that we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image. Since the invention of the photograph, reality gradually became augmented by its own reflection. I am focusing my work at that point of friction." 

Now living in New York and pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts, Friedlander probably finds himself in the company of many creative wells of inspiration such as Hynes himself... Whether or not they are actually aware of each others existence, it seems apparent that what they choose to reflect in their art and its delivery is a fundamentally skewed perspective on things that seem often familiar to us. We consume these products voraciously as things we can relate to, but really we may have never even interacted with such themes or subjects in our own lives. 

Both men find themselves in a world that seems to have this desire to desperately want to be aware of the things conveyed in art, or their own art respectively. Much like a failed quest for enlightenment, people can tend to over consume media as a "patch" used to cover up a void in their understanding. Others however, can and will be inspired by such individualized efforts until they find themselves in the presence of such innovators. Perhaps like the subject of the photograph, their encounter would be as such: tabled, out of place and without audience.

Yet still all too familiar... 

+Adrian Martinez

+Image via AERBOR

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When we look at architecture, in our most primordial state, we often do not just see a building but also its face. 

When we gaze into this face, its features become more apparent the more we personify them: the textured roof could be its scalp or hair, the chimney could be its ears or even nose, the door could be its mouth, and of course, its eyes would be the windows. This association of human features to some of man's most astounding creations is no different for a shack as it is for a track-house, skyscraper, cathedral, or even a prison. 

It is no wonder that when we do stare inquisitively at a building of any kind, our first inclination is to gaze into its eyes and understand better what is truly enclosed beyond its walls. This interaction is one that is innate in just about every child and perhaps what is often more curious about these observations is how some people forget to see faces in every enclosed space that they happen to inhabit. Given some perspective- our varying forms of shelter are often a product or even the spawn of those who "birthed" them and they definitively reflect the emotions elicited by their purpose.

Enter the building captured in this photograph by Steve Richard in Portugal. Its entire face is obscured for the most part by the way in which he framed the photo, but the focus or subject matter is clear: Richard wants us to see its eye. He wants to show us more than what we already know about this building, more than we can infer about its decrepit walls, its blue tones, and its ornate street sign fading off into the upper corner.... He wants to show us more than we know.

"Call Me", the moniker of Stockholm's Anna Norden Ströms, is an act that is featured on the Swedish record label aptly named Luxury. Promoting the release of her newest track, "Disclosed", on the label's Soundcloud after less than a month has already garnered well above 3,000 listens and it is a count that is ever-growing. "Disclosed" begins with a rhythmic drum pattern that changes subtly throughout the duration of the song and eventually it gives life to a synthesized key progression... Eventually, Anna's inquisitive lyrics burst into the fold and direct that same progression into a dramatic crescendo. The emphatic declarations within the closing bars of the track command the theme of this post: "And I can show you more than you know."

A reminder that we must always take a fair look into any set of "eyes" we come across in our day-to-day for their allure can sometimes mask something far more profound.

+Adrian Martinez

+Image via These Tings

This post was created in collaboration with illetante

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There seems to be something curious about a public space... One as such that reflects all of people's varying musings and woes in one curated, and often crowded, space. 

Much like in this photo taken by Georg Nickolaus, the space captured by his viewfinder reflects much of what is going on in this similarly lonely, but all too familiar rhythm laid out by New York producer Cubby. The textured atmosphere created by Cubby for this track is all too inviting for collaborative efforts by the falsetto specialist, Current, and the rapper known as Kwane. They naturally met in "this space" to introduce their own personalized and contemplative forms of expression whilst in a public realm. The product: a familiar sounding song (or "scene") that is entirely unique, based on the highly temporal aspects which inspired that initial rhythm by the producer out of Brooklyn.

It should not be a surprise that their efforts transcend that same scene in the photo captured by of our friend, Nickolaus.

+Adrian Martinez

+Image via State of The State 

This post was created in collaboration with illetante

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Today marks the first day that a very talented group of individuals join the 1137 family as Contributors, the first of whom is Adrian Martinez of illetante, a website that offers a way to expose original, creative output for the dilettante or "jack of all trades" who simply wants to create for the sake of creating. Every week Adrian will be stopping by 1137 and pairing up an image with a song along with a piece of writing that come together to create a specific feeling of a time and a place or a moment and a thought. I invite you to check back every week for a new glimpse inside his genius...

April's Fool: 

A dilettante, a declaration, a digital dependent-

We are in such a rush to expand that it is often our desire to grow that keeps us from full potential. It seems only fitting that we hurt ourselves in the process.We refuse at times to act in a way that will generate anything but stillness- complacency at its best. But we try. But we succeed. But we fail again. Is progress an age or a state that is ever elusive? Like chasing imperfection each time it gets close enough to hold. We must try. We must act. We must fail again.

A dilettante, a declaration, a digital dependent. 

We must only know what we love and pursue it today. 


(This post was created in collaboration with illetante)