LPP Brick and Mortar


This evening I will be boarding an airplane headed West where I have plans to thoroughly thaw out in California for a week while I visit friends, family and a few art and design gems. The next seven days of posts will feature my favorite artists and shops in SF, Oakland, and LA starting with my #1 stop, the Little Paper Planes brick and mortar in San Francisco's Mission District. 

I first came to know about Little Paper Planes when Loren Crosier ( more on her wonderful work later) contacted me about contributing to an LPP lookbook about a year or two ago. It was love at first online store. I was so impressed with the site, its dedication to supporting artists and creating such a dynamic platform from which to do so that since then whenever I find myself in need of buying or discovering new work I go straight for LPP's wonderfully curated space every time. I am over the moon excited about visiting the physical space and bringing back a few treasures that I'll get to browse through in person. 

Here's a bit more about what they're doing: 

"Little Paper Planes is a company founded in December of 2004 by Kelly Lynn Jones and started off initially as an online shop. With this shop Jones sought to create a platform from which she and her friends, who had just graduated from art school, could present and sell their work to a wider audience. However, as the number of artist-participants grew over time, it became clear that Little Paper Planes had grown up to become a broad-ranging community, composed of both the circle of artists themselves, as well the people who love and support their art....

As of May 2013, LPP opened a physical location in San Francisco which has enabled the company to provide more opportunities in the space including lectures, events, exhibitions and workshops. With the new space LPP started LPP+ Residency which functions as a rotating work space for a diverse group of artists, designers, collectives, and curators to engage with the public"


Incredible, right? If you ever find yourself in SF this is a store not to be missed. 

LPP - 855 Valencia Street between 19th and 20th, San Francisco, CA 94110

Exterior photo via Owl Cave

Interior photos via LoCro