12 Holiday Cards for every personality on your list

If you know me or have received a gift from me in the last twenty or so years then you know that I take greeting cards very seriously. Not the cards themselves because well, hello snow man with a boner, but the actual act of finding a person THE card tends to become my mission of all missions. What makes this feat infinitely easier for me is the amount of independent artists churning out beautifully designed greeting cards on the regular. So in the spirit of the holidays I have decided to sort through this talent and give you 12 of my favorite holiday cards this year. Cards that will make your friends laugh, make your family feel thought of, and make everyone on your list want to put that shit up on their fridge for the next ten years...

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Happy Holidays!

A Peek Inside Lone Wolf Magazine

Ten issues later and I am somehow just now discovering the beautiful genius that is Lone Wolf Magazine. Better late than never though because Lone Wolf has created something absolutely vital to the world of fashion publishing. Described as a print fashion publication for intelligent, creative women, Lone Wolf caters to the artists, the business women, the creative freelancers, and the dreamers. They are a new breed of style publication with a goal of clearing the clutter, offering a curated, positive and enlightening reading experience. Instead of diet tips you will find history, instead of red carpets you will meet inspiring women you never even knew existed, and instead of sex tips you will find fantastic works of art. From the first page to the last, Lone Wolf is filled with gorgeous editorials and illustrations, smart stories, and real advice like how to achieve professional success in a historically male centered work world. 

As an avid collector of all things print, I can't stress enough how important it is to have magazines that celebrate women's intelligence and style, that uplift and empower, rather than profit from our insecurities. Lone Wolf along with the gentlewoman, and Riposte are absolutely leading the charge in this change and on behalf of smart, ambitious, publication loving women everywhere, I say HELL YES and thank you!   

Here are a few of my favorite pages from Lone Wolf Issue 10:

Intrigued? Grab your own copy HERE

// Lone Wolf Magazine


Two Odd Birds. Just The Good Times.

Two Odds 1.jpg

Last month I was gifted this adorable debut comic by Los Angeles-based filmmaker and musician Peter J Brant ( aka the dude who co-directed Solange's Lovers in a Parking Lot video).  Using incredibly charming risograph illustrations this comic chronicles all the good times during the relationship of two little birds. In fact, it's so freakin' charming that I'm going to share some of my favorite pages with you. Here's a little peek at Two Odd Birds

photo 4.jpg

Grab your own $5 copy at Issue Press, or buy one for your very own odd bird and make their day :)

There's Wallpaper, and then there's Calico Wallpaper

Picture 10.png

Calico Wallpaper is the Brooklyn-based atelier of creative and life partners Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope. Combining years of researching international paper marbling with a delicate hand drawn expansion of these practices, the pair have created something truly unique. They've partnered with Dieu Donné, a non-profit workspace dedicated to papermaking as a contemporary art form and have created the perfect recipe for handmade cotton paper used in their Wabi, Lunaris, and Night collections. Inspired by horizons at dawn and the phenomena of light, Aurora papers are meant to immerse viewers in waves and washes of color. They come in 16 gorgeous patterns ranging from simple to complex to delicate to bold and I'm basically already trying to figure out which wall in my apartment Azure will look best on...

Picture 16.png
Picture 7.jpg

Moving Mountains

Having recently moved into a new apartment where I essentially got to start over with a clean slate means that I have been extremely hyper sensitive to what's going on in the furniture world. Last week I came across Moving Mountains and pretty much had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The clean lines, the pops of color, the modern nod to classic design..yup, pretty much everything I love and want in my home. Granted, I won't be able to afford any of these pieces anytime soon but a girl can dream (or build her own) right?! 

Here's a bit more about what they're all about : 

Moving Mountains is a studio rooted in industrial design practices, combining forms at the intersection of design, art, and fashion. Working with regional craftsmen, the studio produces furniture as well as its own line of accessories. All MM products are made in the USA and exude a refined sense of simplicity and artful functionality able to withstand the test of time. The studio also provides general design services as well as consulting in the home furnishings industry.