JD From Seattle Goes Hard in the Paint

Seattle based artist JD Banke has won me over big time with his blunt, sentimental, and humorously unapologetic paintings. Instead of dressing simple ideas in frilly costumes to appease conventions, JD's graphically pleasing work succeeds in simply going hard in the paint. Here are a few of my personal favorites: 

// JD Banke | @uncle_booyah | TumblrShop

Clare Grill's Process of Discovery

This weekend I had the pleasure of viewing Clare Grill's work in person as a part of Transforming Accessory at LVL3 gallery. I've admired Clare's work via the internet for awhile but seeing her paintings up close and personal is an entirely different experience. From strictly abstract to loosely representational, she draws on references ranging from her memories and emotions, the surrounding world, family relics, and even to painting itself. Her work is centered on the process of discovery and possesses the kind of rich texture and layered composition that I willingly get lost in over and over again.  Here are a few of my favorites: 

+ You can discover more of Clare's work on her website or at LVL3 gallery until Feb 22nd. 

The Visual Delight in Tune-Yards' Water Fountain

The other day I enthusiastically emailed my best friend a link to the new video for the Tune-Yards song Water Fountain with the words “I can’t stop listening to this! It’s so good! This video is everything.” in which she replied, “I really don’t like Tune-Yards. Will you still be my friend?” Days later I was met with an equally unenthusiastic eye roll from my boyfriend when I insisted we blast it in the car while driving home through downtown. He's also not a fan. I get it. Tune-Yards isn’t everyone’s cup of musical tea. In fact, I’m pretty sure you either love them or hate them and well, I guess since that time an old friend of mine put “SunLight” on a mix tape I’ve just really loved them.

I love the rhythmic games, the word play, the creative direction and the way their videos consistently channel that childlike quality of an unfiltered imagination. Their newest video for Water Fountain is no different with a nod to Pee-wees Playhouse and the occasional wink to the art world. It’s vibrant, it’s fun and it’s completely bizarre but there’s no denying that it is pure visual delight. 

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

Picture 25.png

I mean pretty great, right? You can watch the whole thing HERE. I recommend turning it up really loud around 1:50 and letting loose ;)


P.S What are you thoughts on Tune-Yards? Bizarre noise or musical genius?