City Local : New York .01

Putting a unique spin on our City Local column, NY designer Chris Pinter's monthly narratives hold a very personal spot in his heart.

Inspired, drained, intrigued, angry, excited, scared. Emotion is often tied to a physical location. Here Chris is exploring and charting this territory making a truly one-of-a-kind geographical map of New York. 

Each month you can check in not only for some out of the ordinary locations to explore but you'll also be invited to share his personal experiences with each one. A thought, an inspiration, an awkward moment, giving a glimpse to someone else's way of thinking, seeing and experiencing. 

After all, we're all just sharing our time here together, right?

NY Local is an ongoing collaboration with Chris Pinter as a part of City Local, an 1137 original column that features art and design, people, places and thoughts from different cities across the country as told by local creatives.