This Image/That Song .02

There seems to be something curious about a public space... One as such that reflects all of people's varying musings and woes in one curated, and often crowded, space. 

Much like in this photo taken by Georg Nickolaus, the space captured by his viewfinder reflects much of what is going on in this similarly lonely, but all too familiar rhythm laid out by New York producer Cubby. The textured atmosphere created by Cubby for this track is all too inviting for collaborative efforts by the falsetto specialist, Current, and the rapper known as Kwane. They naturally met in "this space" to introduce their own personalized and contemplative forms of expression whilst in a public realm. The product: a familiar sounding song (or "scene") that is entirely unique, based on the highly temporal aspects which inspired that initial rhythm by the producer out of Brooklyn.

It should not be a surprise that their efforts transcend that same scene in the photo captured by of our friend, Nickolaus.

+Adrian Martinez

+Image via State of The State 

This post was created in collaboration with illetante