Work by Johanna Tagada

If I had to chose two words: feelings and experiences. My relationship with daily life and ordinary things is a big inspiration to me. I always try to seek beauty in ordinary and simple things, so the Wabi Sabi philosophy means a lot to me. I see a big connection though all the mediums I work with. And of course traveling, the fact of moving and seeing different faces and cultures
— Johanna Tagada via FVF

Every morning, almost religiously, I pour myself a cup of black coffee (or buy a cup on my way to work because who am I kidding?) and spend the first 30 quiet minutes of my day catching up on my favorite blogs. Without fail my number one destination is always FVF because there is nothing more satisfying to me than peeking into the creative lifestyles, studios, and homes, of successful individuals all over the world. Last week the portrait series of Johanna Tagada and her fiance Jatinder Singh Durhailay caught my attention more than usual and sent me down a rabbit hole investigation of Johanna's work, blog and online store. I resurfaced feeling a new kind of visually refreshed and am endlessly inspired by her aesthetics, her philosophies, and her ambitions... 

Johanna Tagada is a Berlin based abstract painter and interdisciplinary artist working across painting, drawing, pattern design, textiles, photography and publishing. Above fine arts & textiles Johanna has a strong interest in literature, cinema, languages, ethnology, colonial and post-colonial history and loves to travel. 

Aside from creating wonderful work she posts regularly on her bloginstagram, and runs an online shop called Bonjour Super Market . I also recommend reading her and Jatinder's entire interview on FVF HERE.


Happy Monday!