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Today marks the first day that a very talented group of individuals join the 1137 family as Contributors, the first of whom is Adrian Martinez of illetante, a website that offers a way to expose original, creative output for the dilettante or "jack of all trades" who simply wants to create for the sake of creating. Every week Adrian will be stopping by 1137 and pairing up an image with a song along with a piece of writing that come together to create a specific feeling of a time and a place or a moment and a thought. I invite you to check back every week for a new glimpse inside his genius...

April's Fool: 

A dilettante, a declaration, a digital dependent-

We are in such a rush to expand that it is often our desire to grow that keeps us from full potential. It seems only fitting that we hurt ourselves in the process.We refuse at times to act in a way that will generate anything but stillness- complacency at its best. But we try. But we succeed. But we fail again. Is progress an age or a state that is ever elusive? Like chasing imperfection each time it gets close enough to hold. We must try. We must act. We must fail again.

A dilettante, a declaration, a digital dependent. 

We must only know what we love and pursue it today. 


(This post was created in collaboration with illetante)